About Us

GLICKIN™ Garage Sales Inc. was created in 2015 by Travis Lutz, with the sole intent to create the greatest way to find Garage Sales EVER invented.  It all started when he attempted to garage sale with his two young children, he found himself chasing signs that led to wasted time and sales that didn’t have what he was after. Feeling frustrated and annoyed, the answer seemed simple; Garage Sales on your phone, sorted by distance, so the closest sale would be at the top of the list, and an easy way to filter,so the sales you do find, have what you want.

GLICKIN™ Inc. for BUYERS - Find the best garage sales super fast through an intuitive, easy to use phone app or online. Scroll through sales, sorted by distance, find the first one that tweaks your interest and tap GO for a direct link to Google Maps. GLICKIN™ makes finding garage sales that you want so easy, it’ll blow your freakin’ mind. Simply type key words into the search bar and you’ll filter out sales that don’t have those words somewhere in their description. Then, click on any sale to see the full details, including pictures and video (assuming the uploader posted them).Streamline your Garage Sale-ing. Hit one, hit ten. Now with the help of Google Maps, the power is literally, in your hand. Kind of makes treasure hunting almost TOO easy. Did we just say that? Nah!!!!

GLICKIN™ Inc. for SELLERS – How does not having to post Garage Sale signs all over town sound? With more targeted Garage Sale-ing, GLICKIN™ will bring the most eager customers to your sale, which also means less drive-bys and more sales. Posting your sale on GLICKIN™ is so simple and easy, most find they are able to input twice the information in half the time it use to take, due to the quick General Items tabs and the intuitive, easy to use interface. With GLICKIN™ you can input start & end times for EACH day of your sale, as well as pictures and in app video. What’s in app video you ask? In app video works just like Snapchat, just click “add video” and your camera pops up to allow you to record up to 10 seconds of video. Do a pan of your sale, a 10 second commercial or a quick combo, it’s up to you, give us your best 10 seconds.

With the sole intent to create the greatest way to Garage Sale EVER, GLICKIN™ is our gift to the world. Please Enjoy & Share!

A personal note from Travis Lutz;

As my father laid on his death bed, he expressed to me that his life had not gone the way he had imagined. After his passing, I made a commitment to myself to live everyday like I only get one chance at life. The idea of GLICKIN™ was actually an idea I had years previous but it took Dads passing for me to grow the testicular fortitude to risk failure and just go for it. Today I am still the scared boy I once was, I just choose to close my eyes and do whatever I need to. I truly want to create the greatest Garage Sale community ever, like the Kijiji or Craigslist of Garage Sales. I want to leave behind something that my children can be proud of, just like I am of my father, no matter if his life turned out the way he wanted or not, I truly love and miss him just the same. I dedicate GLICKIN™ to his memory & long live the Garage Sale!